Change, or something that looks like it

Everything’s different.  The times have changed.

Only thing is, everything’s not different and the times haven’t really changed.

People have learned.  They’ve learned that perception is what matters.  The outward facade.  Be gay, but don’t be too flamboyant.  Be a woman, but don’t be too sexual.  Be religious, but don’t be Muslim.  Be overweight, but at least look like you’re trying to be healthy.  Be what you are, but make sure that what you are doesn’t make any body else uncomfortable.

Be old but look young.  Be young but act mature.  Be happy, but don’t ever let anyone know about it.  Appear happy, by posting, commenting, and editing for social media.

We’ve reached an apex era.  The era of self-indulgence.  Hedonistic, pleasure-seeking, non-stop decadence.  There is no cost too great.  We’ve reached a time where there is more than enough for everyone.  Only problem, there isn’t enough money to pay for it all.

Everything is the same as it’s always been.  There are people.  These people are born to live out their lives.  This life that only has meaning because of other living beings.

Appearance has always been important.  It has always mattered how things appear.  Only thing that’s different today is that everything should appear as if change has occurred.

Ignorance, check.  Hate, check.  Classism, sexism, racism, check.  War, check.  Hunger, check.  Change, definitely not.

I choose to be vulnerable.  I’m fucked up and flawed and I’ve had really amazing moments in my life and extremely horrible points.  To everyone looking in on another’s life from the outside in envy, appearances aren’t reality.  The only way through the facade is to go in deep.  I choose to wade through the bullshit and get into the real stuff.

I don’t want to look back at my life and realize I was too afraid to be real with people.  Too afraid of losing, hurting, or offending so instead I never had a real interaction and connection.

I choose to look past the posed pictures, manicured lawns, and carefully edited biographies into the pain, joy, and hope of living.


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